It is important to us that you find a provider who is the right fit for your needs; please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 763-577-2489 or to discuss.


Dr. Eva Reed, PsyD, LP - Founder

Dr. Reed is a licensed psychologist and opened the doors of RPS in 2011. She experiences great joy in working with teens and young adults who are struggling with a variety of concerns including adoptee issues, gender exploration, attachment trauma, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, and relational distress. Her background and training is in inpatient care and forensics which has given her the depth and breadth of training to work with nearly any diagnosis. Dr. Reed employs an integrative model and uses humor and empathy to guide patients through the therapeutic process. CBT and DBT are also employed as needed.


Jodi Arns, MSW, LICSW

Jodi enjoys working with adults with a diverse range of issues related to mental health and wellness. It is her desire to compassionately support clients in reaching their highest potential by assisting them in the exploration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of themselves. She utilizes strengths-based therapeutic methods to empower clients in finding solutions to their challenges and concerns. Jodi uses mindfulness, body-centered, and holistic methods. She applies solution-focused, self acceptance and commitment, and CBT techniques. Jodi assists clients in changing destructive thinking patterns and behaviors to establish increased confidence and a greater sense of peace and wholeness. Her special interests include anxiety, depression,  relational issues, codependency, life transitions, and women's issues including those related to pregnancy, postpartum health, and fertility.


Megan Bjorklund, LPCC

Megan is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who works with adolescents and adults. Megan believes that authenticity helps create a comfortable safe environment for her clients. She uses a blend of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, strength based approaches, and mindfulness practices to help bring her clients closer to their goals. Megan is also trained in EMDR and specializes working with individuals who have experienced trauma. She works with those experiencing anxiety, depression, personality disorders, self harm, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder, relationship issues, or those who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.


Angela Brust, LICSW

*Not taking new patients at this time

Angela is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who uses an integrated approach that combines analytic insight, cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness-based therapies, solution focused, and strength based modalities.  Angela enjoys working with women and men experiencing mood disorders, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, life and career transitions, and relationship issues. Angela’s expertise is in helping women navigate the transition through pregnancy, the postpartum period, fertility challenges, infant/pregnancy loss, relationship challenges, and adjustments and transitions to parenthood.  Taking a collaborative approach, she works with the client to create therapeutic goals that meet them where they are at, and strives to help clients build the skills needed to empower themselves to overcome the issues and challenges that bring them to therapy.


Stephanie Childress, MA, LADC (LPCC Track)

Stephanie is a psychotherapist and addiction counselor. She has been in the field of addiction and mental health for twenty years. Her therapeutic specialties include: depression, anxiety, addiction/complex addictions such as gambling, sex, internet, shopping, trauma, including working with professionals in trauma exposure job roles. Stephanie is LGBTQ friendly and uses an integrative therapeutic approach including, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Narrative Therapy, Person-Centered and Trauma Informed Therapy and Non-Violent Communication (NVC). Adept in Rule 25/CD Assessment and Gambling Assessment.


Kelly Dusbabek, MA, LMFT

Kelly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who offers an integrative and directive approach to therapy. She works with clients through many aspects of life transitions, whether they are related to health, relationships, and/or career. Her special interests in helping clients include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, premarital and marital, addictions, co-dependency, trauma (complex and PTSD), & postpartum depression and anxiety. She recently attained her EMDR certification.


Shaina Feingold, LICSW

Shaina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who enjoys working with children, adolescents, and families. Shaina has experience with a wide range of clinical concerns; however, she specializes in trauma, abuse, attachment issues, and severe behaviors. She believes individuals are not defined by the negative experiences they have endured, and therefore, uses a strengths-based approach when working with clients and their families. Shaina also values the therapeutic relationship and works together with clients to develop the appropriate treatment plan for their needs. Shaina is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Sand Play, and Play Therapy. She integrates mindfulness and dialectical behavioral techniques to help clients understand the mind-body connection.


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Charles W. Jones, MA, LMFT

As a mental health professional, Charlie is fully licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  His training, licensure and life experience have prepared him to provide clinical services and counseling to people of all ages and from diverse family constellations. Furthermore, he uses a strength-based approach with an emphasis on meeting patients where they are in the midst of their healing journey.  Charlie has a great interest in supporting men as they address their specific challenges. He also works with parents and children, families, married couples, and individuals from age 5 to 18. He makes his counseling room a safe, respectful, supportive space where there is freedom, no judgement, creativity, and solid encouragement to address your needs. Charlie’s area of expertise/interests include issues of depression, anxiety, suicidality, marital issues, parenting issues, and trauma, among others.  He applies a variety of therapy modalities that include: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Narrative, Structural Family Therapy, Solution-Focused, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-Focused, and suicide-specific interventions.  As an immigrant, Charlie also has a profound awareness and sensitivity to issues faced by immigrants, and is a native Spanish speaker.

Como profesional de la salud mental, Charlie tiene la licencia independiente como terapeuta de matrimonios y familias. Su entrenamiento, su licencia y su experiencia de vida lo han preparado para proveer servicios clinicos y consejeria a personas de todas las edades, y de diversas constelaciones familiares. Además el se basa en las fortalezas del cliente y enfatiza encontrarse con el cliente en el punto donde el cliente este en su camino a la sanidad. Charlie tiene un gran interes en apoyar a los varones al enfrentar sus desafios especificos. Tambien trabaja con grupos de padres e hijos, familias, matrimonios y niños de 5 a 18 años. El hace que su sala de consejeria sea un espacio seguro, respetuoso y de apoyo donde hay libertad, creatividad y un apoyo sólido para enfrentar los desafios de los clientes. Sus areas de entrenamiento especializado e interes incluyen tratar problemas como depresion, ansiedad, problemas relacionados con pensamiento de suicidio, situaciones maritales, la crianza de los hijos, y trauma, entre otros. El utiliza los siguientes estilos de terapia: Cognitivo-Conductual, Narrativa, Terapia Familiar Estructural, Enfocada a la solucion, Enfocada al Trauma, Entrevista Motivacional e intervenciones especificas para el pensamiento e intención suicida. Como immigrante, Charlie tiene una profunda comprensión y sensibilidad a los desafios que enfrentan los immigrantes. Charlie habla Español como primera lengua.


Ashley Nissen, MA, LPCC

Ashley is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who works with adults experiencing eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, spirituality concerns, adjustments disorders and life/career transitions. She uses an integrative approach utilizing both evidence-based practices and holistic modalities to help clients navigate life’s challenges and regain a sense of wholeness. Ashley employs a number of proven techniques with her clients and has seen positive results from her use of cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based techniques along with strengths-based and solution-focused therapies. Over the years, Ashley has chosen to combine these techniques with complementary modalities such as yoga, meditation and reiki. Ashley focuses on working with her clients to help them gain the ability to be in the present moment, build self-awareness, recognize and accept all emotions and ultimately in reestablishing the mind-body connection. Ashley’s integrative approach to mental health is aimed at giving her clients the best chance of success in living the life they wish to live.


Abby Peterfeso, MA, LPCC

Abby is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who enjoys helping adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, ADHD, and depression. She utilizes an integrative and collaborative approach to navigate life transitions and stressors, understand emotions, and increase body awareness and acceptance. Additionally, her background in community mental health affords her the experience to work with a wide variety of diagnosis and concerns. Abby believes when we seek to accept ourselves and our experiences, and honestly and compassionately explore what is working and what is not, and what we truly value, then we can create meaningful change. Abby is also trained in DBT and EMDR.


Mary VanderLoop, MA, LP

Mary has been a practicing therapist for 23 years. She has worked with adults who struggle with eating disorders and trauma for the majority of those years. Mary has training in EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. All of these therapies are designed to assist individuals in processing trauma, empower themselves and replace negative sensations with neutral or positive sensations. Mary is compassionate, empathetic and she creates a safe space that facilitates healing. She strongly believes that people have the resources and inner strength to overcome adverse experiences. She also addresses each client as a person with unique circumstances and collaboratively works with them to achieve their goals in therapy.


Clinic Coordinators & Support Staff


Pam Lee, Clinic Coordinator

With over six years of experience as an administrative assistant, Pam has come to RPS looking for a fresh start. She is a transplant from Louisiana and loves that she is able to bring a novel perspective to the clinic. She enjoys meeting new people and finds the experience of working face-to-face with patients to be very rewarding. When Pam isn't at work, you can find her spending time with her puppy, going to the Minnesota Zoo, or playing board games.


Catherine Wanzala-Clinic Coordinator Trainee

Catherine brings five years of administrative experience to RPS and strives to put all clients at ease by creating a warm and welcoming environment. With a variety of experiences ranging from customer service and marketing in Uganda, to meeting diverse student needs in the Admissions Office at Minneapolis College, to participating in initiatives designed to empower women; Catherine values developing rapport and creating a sense of belonging with all clients. Catherine is currently working on completing her Associate’s Degree in Medical Office Administration and hopes to continue her work in the medical field coordinating quality patient care. When she is not at work, Catherine enjoys reading fiction and nonfiction books and connecting with family and friends.