Pre-Surgery Evaluations

-Pre-surgery evaluations are often required by physicians and insurance companies prior to bariatric surgery, implantation of a spinal cord stimulator, and at times, before a medication pump will be approved.

-Now offered by Dr. Caryl Boehnert at our Plymouth Location

ADHD Assessment for All Ages

- ADHD is a complicated diagnosis. 

- Psychological testing helps clarify ADHD diagnoses from other diagnoses that can mimic it 

- Untreated ADHD can cause functional impairment in relationships, school, and home life

- Dr. Josh Meendering has immediate openings for testing individuals ages 6 and up with ADHD concerns or questions

Therapeutic & Strengths-Based Assessment using the MMPI

At RPS, we approach psychological assessment from a therapeutic and strengths-based orientation. We use testing information to help our patients better understand themselves and make positive changes in their lives. Our approach to assessment is collaborative and individualized. We emphasize patient involvement throughout the assessment process. Compared to traditional models of psychological testing, our focus is patient-centered rather than test-centered. This means that the goal of testing is to understand and describe the unique person rather than the “typical individual” with “similar test scores” in hopes of providing a better focused, balanced, and therapeutically useful assessment experience. In addition, we tailor the assessment to each person’s presenting concerns and the questions they would like the testing to address.

Please call 763-577-2489 to consult with Dr. Jennifer Hovey about this approach to psychological assessment. The Finn Model she employs is unique in that it is patient-friendly and can be used in  conjunction with psychotherapy to help you grow toward your personal goals.